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Figural Category: A reddish-orange cameo.

Figural Winner: Laura Fitch

Button Category. A vibrant orange button.

Button Winner: Susan Michal

Marble Category: A very old deep blue marble with colored glass specs.

Marble Winner: Carol Cox

Art Glass Category: A deep blue glass stem. See the next image for the surprising characteristic.

Shine a light down the shaft and a star shape is revealed.

Art Glass Winner: Calvin Rone

Historical Category: A very old ceramic pipe.

Historical Winner: David Hawkins

Most Unusual Category

Most Unusual Winner: Arthur Neiman

Bottle Stopper Category: An ornate, very dark stopper.

Bottle Stopper Winner: Micheal Vaiarella

Whimsical/Toy Category

Whimsical/Toy Winner: Maureen Bruce

Pottery/Ceramics Category: An old colored pottery shard.

Pottery/Ceramics Winner: Thomas Vaiarella

Runner-up: A very old deep, aqua blob top soda bottle.

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